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example of cyclists on a road with automatic shifting


example of cycling on the road

Unleash your performance potential with our road groupset

  • Experience the ultimate in performance and precision with our top-of-the-line gear shifting system for road bikes.
  • Our road product is designed for the most demanding riders: whether you’re tackling steep climbs, carving through tight corners, or sprinting for the finish line, our gear shifting system will give you the extra edge you have been looking for.
innovative chainring

Transform your ride with our innovative chainring

  • Introducing our revolutionary chainring shifting technology, designed to provide smooth and reliable gear shifts even under load.
  • Our innovative system is a game-changer for any road cyclist. With lightning-fast shifts and unparalleled reliability, this road groupset matches the needs of competitive racers and weekend warriors alike.
  • Do not carry any unnecessary weight: thoroughly engineered to package all the system in the lightest and most compact format.
example of speed cycling

Take control of your ride with sequential shifting

  • We provide integrated front and rear shifting: just ask for a harder or softer gear and the system will shift chainring, sprockets or both simultaneously.
  • Focus more on the ride and less on the gears, while getting faster and smoother shifts at the same time.
  • Our chainring unlocks the use of front shifting anytime in order to provide optimal gear steps for your transmission.
example of cycling with automatic shifting

Experience the future of cycling with automatic shifting

  • Our AI-powered system automatically adjusts gears to match your speed and terrain, letting you concentrate on your ride.
  • Whether you are just cruising to relax your muscles or hitting the road hard during training, automatic shifting will help you get a smoother and more profitable ride.
  • Upgrade your ride and experience the power of AI in motion: let the system learn your style and get ready for taking your performance to the next level.
  • And, of course, feel free to over-ride and get full control when you wish.