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cycliyst by the street on an e-bike


image about technology - automatic shifting

Just pedal and ride!

  • Expand your e-bike experience with automatic shifting.
  • Anticipate your needs while riding: auto-shift when things step up or when you are ready to push harder.
  • Our electronic transmission merges with your e-drive to provide a direct connection between your legs and the road.
  • A series of sensors monitor your ride and shift whenever necessary so you can focus on what’s important to you: getting more out of your training, thoroughly controlling your trajectory, or, simply, having more fun!
example of a ciclyst with an e-bike in the countryside

Taylor it to your needs

  • Start with our base model and let the system learn for a more personalized experience.
  • Every time you ride, the system will know better when it’s time to coast and relax, and when it’s time to push.
  • And of course, feel free to over-ride and get full control when you wish.
  • Anytime you ride on manual mode or provide feedback, your riding style is analyzed and automatic shifting algorithms are improved via reinforced learning
example of a ciclyst on an ebike in the city

Enjoy your city commutes

  • Our e-urban option delivers unprecedented ease-of-use for your e-bike.
  • Forget about dealing with shifts: just pedal and get wherever you need to.
  • Whatever it is your case: a daily bike commuter or a more recent adept to e-bikes for transport, there is a more appealing way to use the bicycle waiting for you.
example of ebike off-road

Go off-road and have fun!

  • Our MTB version lets you focus on the environment and the exciting aspects of the ride without worrying about being continuously shifting.
  • Also, MTB can be fun but it can be harsh on your transmission. And e-drives can make it even harsher.
  • Avoid rough gear shifts, wear and damage: our transmission is aware of when it is time to relax the motor and shift, and when it is time to remain engaged for full power.