Zuma innovation

ZUMA was founded with the mission of developing high-end mechatronic systems for the bicycle sector and with new capabilities/features. The founders of ZUMA have a solid research background both in academia and in private institutions, as well as industrial experience on the development of innovative solutions for new products. This background fits the current trend in the bicycle market where a leap from pure mechanical bicycles to integrated mechatronic bicycles is happening. Examples of this transition are the introduction of electronic shifters and the uptake of electric bicycles for urban mobility.

ZUMA, currently a startup company, can contribute to this new scenario by turning their vast experience on mechatronics and advanced manufacturing processes into new products like the new transmission system they are currently working on. Additionally they have several bicycle-related patents in pipeline with potential to become new products too.

The ultimate goal for ZUMA is to bring the potential of bicycles to new levels, both as a leisure article and as a mean of transport, and it has the vision of becoming the main reference in the industry offering differentiating products.

Contact at info@zumainnovation.com.